Welcome to SunCoke Energy Partners

SunCoke Energy Partners, L.P. (NYSE: SXCP) is a publicly traded master limited partnership. We are sponsored by SunCoke Energy, Inc. (NYSE: SXC), the largest independent producer of metallurgical coke in the Americas, with more than 50 years of cokemaking experience and an international reputation for leadership, innovation and environmental stewardship in our industry.

SXCP's operations include facilities that make coke for some of the largest blast furnace steelmakers in the United States. Our advanced, heat-recovery cokemaking process produces high-quality coke, generates energy from waste heat and reduces environmental impact.

SXCP also operates coal terminals that receive, store, blend and transload coal for final destination.  Coal logistics is a logical upstream integration for our business that builds on our expertise in handling and processing raw materials.  With the 2013 acquisition of Kanawha River Terminals (KRT) and Lake Terminal, we have leveraged our supply chain expertise to become a leading, strategically located coal terminal service provider.

SXCP is the coke-producing industry’s first publicly traded master limited partnership.

Coke is a key raw material in the blast furnace steelmaking process. Coke is made by heating metallurgical coal at extremely high temperatures to reduce it to a pure carbon state, transforming the coal into coke.
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